Welcome To Cups Media

Cups Media is Singapore’s FIRST and ONLY Free Cups Advertising Company.

Cups Media offers advertisers a new, exciting and non-traditional way to reach out to their target customers. It does not matter if the target customers are working in offices, having a discussion with their colleagues or enjoying a relaxed conversation with their friends in the pantry, Cups Media brings our clients’  marketing message to their target customers directly.

We specialize in handheld branding in the work space, bringing our clients closer to their target customers. Through displaying a marketing message, logo, or special promotion on our quality paper cups, our clients can place their advertisement to their target customers’ workplace – putting their Ads in their customers’ hands!

The choice of messages on the quality paper cups is limited only by your imagination. This unique advertising medium will achieve results whether it is the sole advertising medium or a part of an integrated campaign.

New marketing technique!

Cups Media concept can be used effectively in acquiring customers, sustaining brand image, driving traffic to a website, launching a new product and many others.

The Cups Media concept can be used in conjunction with other advertising investments to support an integrated branding strategy and ensure your message reaches the right group of target audience.

Call to action – Cups Media can convey a range of messages to guide customers to a product launch, open house, a particular website, respond to an SMS campaign or act on a special offer.