How we can help you

We help you to REACH OUT to your target customers EFFECTIVELY!

Cups Media distributes FREE PAPER CUPS branded with our clients’ B2C/B2B direct response Ads. We work with our clients to place their logos, marketing messages, or latest promotions on the paper cups and distribute these cups (with the advertisement) to their target customers’ workplace.

Let’s face it… anyone can print ads on paper cups. The challenge is distributing the branded paper cups in the workplace, so that the paper cups are utilized by your target customers: consumers and decision makers with significant buying power.

At Cups Media, we are able to add value to your marketing and advertising campaigns. We do so by distributing paper cups printed with your marketing message to your target customers’ workplace. Through Free Cups Advertising, you will be able to REACH OUT and COMMUNICATE your message in a Traditionally Advertising Free Zone: Your target customers’ workplace.  Not only will your Ad stay with your target customers for as long as 60 minute, it  will also be seen, held and touched everyday inside your target customers’ offices, schools, or during their social gatherings … where they tend to spend the most of their time in a day!


For enquiries on Advertising on our paper cups, please click here to advertise with us.

Through Cups Media, you can:


  • Advertise your marketing message in a traditionally Ad-Free zone – their workplace!
  • Have your Ads seen, touched and displayed everyday inside the workplace … where your key customers spend most of their time
  • Display your Ads in their meeting rooms, conference rooms and many other places in their offices – making your Ads mobile!
  • Maximize your unique engagement with customers for up to 60 minutes per message
  • Communicate your B2B or B2C message to your target customers directly
  • Persuade your customers AT WORK to visit your web site and learn about your promotion
  • Place your Ads in the Hands of decision makers while they are surfing the Internet at work
  • Distribute compelling offers or incentives to corporate decision makers and your customers “in-office”
  • Generate In-Office buzz and positive Word-of-Mouth
  • Enhance customers’ engagement and multiple impressions per touch – maximizing your Return-on-Investment (ROI)!

For enquiries on Advertising on our paper cups, please click here to advertise with us.