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Why Cups Media

Why advertise through Free Paper Cups

With hundreds of millions of website, countless friend profiles, RSS feeds by the minute, never-ending short message service (SMS) and emails, we live in a world of constant and increasing distractions.

Consumers are now faced with infinite number of options. Faced with a constant distraction, consumers develop a browsing culture, where they do not and cannot afford to spend too much time and attention in any particular product. How can you develop your brand and products in your customers’ minds?

We have the answers for you.

If your business is seeking any of the following, then you may wish to consider tapping on Cups Media.

  • Be the FIRST among your competitors to advertise your Ads in your customers’ workplace
  • Have your Ads not only viewed by your customers, but held and touched by them
  • Display your brand in your customers’ meeting rooms, conference halls and many other areas in their offices
  • Make sure your Ads are seen by corporate decision makers and targeted customers
  • Get a superior Return-on-Investment (ROI) of your investment in publicity
  • Maximize your engagement with your customers for up to 60 minutes with each message


8 Steps to Create an Effective Marketing Campaign

Step 1:
We create a powerful advertising message together with you
Step 2:
We put your message on our quality paper cups
Step 3:
We help you to distribute them to your target customers
Step 4:
Your target customers receive FREE paper cups with your advertisement
Step 5:
Your target customers will see, hold and touch your advertisement
Step 6:
Your message is displayed all over the place in their offices
Step 7:
You increase your brand awareness effectively
Step 8:
You get better returns from your investment