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We benefit two groups of people:

  1. Organizations – we give out FREE cups to organizations
    As the financial crisis hurts a lot of organizations, many of them are looking for ways to cut their overheads. By receiving the quality paper cups free of charge, they can be assured that they need not to waste their money to buy these paper cups. Click here to get free cups supplies.

  2. Advertisers & Marketing People
    They can now be assured that their marketing messages are seen, held and touched by their target audiences! Their advertisement would capture the attention of the people for as long as 60 minutes, and can generate a topic for conversation in your target audiences’ workplace (such as meeting rooms, conference halls, pantries, sofas etc.), creating a positive word-of-mouth effect. Best of all, they can engage with their target audiences directly when the target audiences are drinking their beverages. Therefore, this becomes a creative and cost effective way for them to promote their products/services. Click here to find out more.